Consumer Industries


Deliver trustworthy, made-to-order experiences to your growing customer base.

By 2025, 87% of your customers will manage their relationships online
Wiztech provides a suite of solutions, intelligent technologies, and digital platforms for retailers to deliver relevant, tailored customer experiences anywhere, anytime.
Omnichannel Marketing
Digital Supply Chain
Customer Experience
Customer-Centric Merchandising



Wholesale Distribution

Cut the edge and become a proactive, insight-driven distributor.

Innovative services and business models are necessary to compete in a new economy.
Wholesale distributors will strive to reduce costs and attract new sources of revenue by simplifying digital transformation and supporting new business models and customer-specific services.
Supply Chain Planning
Marketing and Sales
Supply Chain Execution
Consumer Products

Deliver outcomes that meet individual consumers’ wants and needs.

Provide personal, relevant, and simple shopping experiences – where commerce is smooth; technology is invisible, and privacy is assured.
Sales and Service
Supply Chain

Consumer Products



Create sustainable food supply chains and increasing farming efficiencies with agribusiness solutions

Feed the world through sustainable and growing agribusinesses
Manage all processes along the entire agribusiness value chain more efficiently with Wiztech solutions.
Agricultural Production and Farming
Commodity and Food Processing
Food Supply Chain Management
Origination and Trading